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Ice-Cream Production

Our laboratory is a place to create new trends and tastes. We create with leading ice cream raw materials and remain aware of all the culinary trends of the world market of gelato with continuous seminars in Greece and abroad.
Exhausting our rigorous evaluation of our suppliers and their raw material so that our handmade ice cream is rich in flavor, has great texture and the recipe for the base is perfectly balanced collection of solid, lean solids, sugars and fats 6,8%. It is very hard to be compared with other ice cream since it doesn't have  technical dyes and is made with 100% fresh Greek milk, fresh cream and soaring up to 40% as opposed to industrial ice cream which reach the 100% expansion.
From the production, transportation and to the delivery of our ice cream to the customer all the hygiene standards are rigorously respected according to international standards and health management regulations.
For the new season,  we recommend 30 amazing flavors of ice cream based on recipes which are tailored to the requirements of the Greek public.

Production manager -
Givisis George
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