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Kalliston Creamery

Kalliston Creamery was founded in Ampelokipoi area of Athens, in 1975 and remained there till 2001. Since 2001 we produce and create ice-creams from the beautiful city of Karystos, Evoia, the place we were born.

The last years, one of our occupations is the wholesale ice-cream market in Greece. Fueled by our knowdledge, experience and the know-how we earned all those years, our company is further developing year by year, conducting new partnerships with premium customers and also organizing the distribution of our ice-cream through carefully selected sale places throughout Athens, Evoia and islands of Cyclades.

By keeping a personal relation with our customers, we try in co-operation to fullfill their needs and the demands of their customers.

The handmade Kalliston ice-creams, are distributed daily, in acceptance with the strict specifications of our laboratory, throughout several sale spots and also hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, beach bars, gelatos.

Our Aim

Our Aim

The challenge to create, being competitive and the business effort to penetrate into new dynamic involving markets is the main aim of our company.

By setting high standards on the production of our ice-creams and with the provision of our services, we pursue the enhancement and success of the business activity of our partners.

Kalliston Creamery

Ellinon Amerikis and Oddyseus, Karystos, ΤΚ 34001

Phone Number

22240- 26990

Production Manager

Givisis George